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Description of Power Browser - Fast Internet Explorer

☆ Fast: enjoy fast ad-free browsing

☆ Secure: stay protected against malware, viruses, and phishing

☆ Free: install and use the best internet explorer for free

This free Android web browser lets you browse the internet super fast. Adding bookmarks, incognito browsing, receiving the latest news and weather forecast, smart search - everything is possible with Power Browser - Fast Internet Explorer.

A built-in adblock within this fast browser blocks all ads and trackers. Next to its speed, the web browser brings a variety of security features to protect you from malware, adware, viruses, and phishing while browsing the internet.

These key features make Power Browser - Fast Internet Explorer one of the best browser options available:

✔︎ Fast browsing. Enjoy the super fast browser - web pages load rapidly and the response time is very quick.

✔︎ Adblock. Browse without ads - Internet Explorer blocks ads of all types - banners, pop-ups, video ads.

✔︎ Secure browsing. This web browser ensures you are safe and protected against malware, viruses,and phishing.

✔︎ Incognito browsing. With its incognito mode, the web browser lets you browse the Internet without saving browsing history, search history, and cookies.

✔︎ Easily erase history (outside of incognito mode). Fast Internet Explorer allows you to clear all the web browsing data with just one tap.

✔︎ Fast download. With this web browser, you can download pages, files, and videos fast and securely - without intrusive trackers and ads.

✔︎ Smart search. This Android browser lets you select your favorite search engine as a default. Search the web faster thanks to a prediction service for search and URL suggestion.

✔︎ Quick navigation. You will find your most visited websites on the home screen of the Internet Explorer. All the bookmarks are also saved on the homepage of the web browser.

✔︎ Tabbed browsing. With Power Browser, you can add as many tabs as you wish and easily access them.

✔︎ Browsing without borders. You can open any internet page from around the world - an integrated translator within the web browser will make everything clear.

✔︎ Save mobile data. With this free browser, you don’t have to overpay for downloading ads and trackers while browsing the internet.

✔︎ Clear menu and clean design. Fast Internet Explorer is very clear and easy to use. It is designed in a way to ensure your web browsing experience is easy and fast.

✔︎ Stay tuned. This web browser lets you get the latest news and a weather forecast just visiting a home page of the Fast Internet Explorer.

Join millions of users of Power Browser - Fast Internet Explorer! Install now for free and enjoy one of the best browser apps for Android!

🚀 Fast 🚀 Secure 🚀 Free

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